Sunday, 22 January 2012

Mum's Granny Along Again

For my Delightful Granny Students here is:-

Easy peasy lemon squeezy Crochet Lesson No. 2

I hope you can follow the pictures. It's very difficult taking them with one hand. As you can see this lesson has the same title as Lesson No. 1.

Lesson No. 2  - Becoming Familiar with the Chain.

Items needed - one ball of wool and a crochet hook. Any wool and any size hook will do for now. I'm using a 4.5 mm which is not too small and not too large. The wool is double knitting.

Make a slip stitch with the wool.

Put your hook through the loop and wrap the ball end of wool round the hook.

Hook the wool and pull it through the loop. (Remember last time it was your fingers that grabbed the wool through the loop. Now it's the hook.)

The hook is now through another loop. Push it through a little bit more and hook another piece of wool.

Drag that through the loop. Keep repeating until you can chain really quickly and you are confident holding the wool and the hook.  (It's underlined because that's an important bit.) You can keep pulling your chain out and starting again otherwise you'll end up with a very long chain!

This is the way I hold the wool. If you Google 'how to crochet' you will find that there are many different ways of holding the wool and the hook so that the wool is held fairly taut and the chain is held securely. Fingers, hook and wool should be firmly controlled. (Another important bit because this creates an even tension.) Experiment until you find a hold that is right for you.

Here's one way of holding the hook. I usually hold it like a soup spoon. (By the way, I am not resting on a bottom!)

Your chain (after practice) should look like this from above - just like a lot of little Vs.

If you turn the chain sideways it should look like this with loopy bobbles along the bottom.

Do you like all the technical terms? Here's a real one to learn - Ch.

Ch for Chain.

If you look at the last 2 pictures you can see I have completed 6 chain. Don't count the first V but do count the loop on the hook.

Evaluation needed for Lesson 1 (and links, if you wish to your Easy Peasy Finger Chain) please and welcome if you've just joined our Granny Along.

PS Welcome New Follower. I'm in a bit of a crochet theme at the moment. 


  1. Looking forward to more lessons Mum - I can do the actual stuff but I taught myself from an American book and can now only follow American patterns! You should have seen the 'thing' I made from an English pattern before I was told there was a difference! It now houses a large third world village I believe xx

  2. Tee hee, tee hee! (You've passed a smile on.)

  3. There'll be loads more crocheters in Blogland when you've finished, Mum.

  4. Thanks Mum, I'm copying the lessons for when I can get my resources ready.

    Sft x

  5. Hi and thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving your comments. How spooky is this, yesterday I went a got myself a crochet hook and wool ready to relearn how to crochet! Thank you and I will be following avidly xxx

  6. And big thanks from me. You make it sound/look so easy. Fingers crossed, well loops anyway. Just to find my crochet hook......

  7. Fran, it's obviously the Granny vibes searching out likely candidates for conversion. Lovely to have you with us.


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