Friday, 6 January 2012

12th night

Christmas takes a week to put up and a week to take down. There's just the star left in the kitchen ...

... and the tree in the front room.

Remember this walk and the teacup I took a picture of (drooled over)?

What did Santa (DH) bring me for Christmas?

Whoo! I feel another tea party coming on.

Many thanks for all your birthday wishes. I'm chuffed to little mintballs!
Welcome new follower. Deja-vu!


  1. Ah, no wonder you thought your teaset was the perfect gift! It's beautiful. x

  2. Love the china!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Our Christmas was taken down last weekend, it's all very bare now. I love the new china.

  4. Mine is finally getting all down today. Whew!! Next year downsizing. :)

  5. Very nice photos Mum!!!
    Happy New Year!
    Many greetings

  6. Happy belated birthday,Mum,I love your new tea cup and saucer,very pretty,lots of love,juliexxx

  7. Hello, our birthday is on the same day! Hope yours was as nice as mine!

  8. Clever Santa to find exactly the right china. He must read your blog!

  9. Late happy birthday to you. I hope you had a lovely day.
    I wanted to thank you for giving me a liebster award, I am thrilled people like my blog. Sorry it has taken an age to reply but I am struggling to keep up with everything recently! Thanks again.


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