Monday, 23 January 2012

Mum's Granny Along 3

For my Delightful Granny Students here is:-

Easy peasy lemon squeezy Crochet Lesson No. 3

There's a different title today.

Lesson No. 3 - The Ring plus Pretend Treble

Items needed - one ball of wool and a crochet hook.
Skill needed - to be able to chain, controlling the hook, the wool and the work confidently.

Start with a loose slip stitch on the hook.

Now chain 3.

This next bit is tricky but important so think back to your last 2 lessons as to how the chain stitch looks. Slip the hook under the first V. There should be 2 strands of wool you can see on top of the hook and one strand (the bobbly bit) beneath.

Holding the first 2 chains wrap the wool around the hook as shown and pull a loop through the V.

Keep pulling through the loop already on your hook.

You have now 'slip stitched to form a ring'. There should be a hole in the middle. I've put another crochet hook through mine. This hole is important so make sure you know where it is.

Holding the 'ring', you are now going to chain 3. I work in the tail with the wool. You don't have to but it is one way of weaving it in.

Above is the work after chain 3 and I've used up all the tail. Below is the work without the tail woven in.

You could do a few of these starts in different colours while you wait for the next lesson.

Welcome New Followers. You may feel that crochet has taken over here but I see the sun shining outside. There will soon be other activities to pursue!


  1. Your cat looks interested, or is she just waiting for you to crochet her a rug to lay on.

  2. She's saying, "Oh no, not crochet again!"

  3. I'm copy and paste all of these lessons Mum.

    Thank you.

    Sft x

  4. Bloomin Blogger hasn't let me on to say - Thank You for the lessons - bookmarked them so I can practise when K is back at work

    H x


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