Friday, 12 January 2018

Working through ...

... the recipe binder where I stick recipes collected from magazines and friends. Last week it was a Thai curry which I waded through 3 days on the trot because DH doesn't like Thai cuisine. It was OK but I don't think I'll make it again. I just wanted to use up the coconut milk in the tin cupboard. This week I tried the Berry Chocolate Traybake, which when looked at closely is just a basic cake recipe with added raspberries and chocolate. Do I really need to keep this in my binder? I think not, even though I'll make it again - I don't really need to look at the recipe.

The Madeira cake recipe is a favourite from a friend which probably needs writing out again as it is stained and tatty.

Look, I've even included contents pages.

There's civilised for you. 

Here's the cake cut into pieces, some of which are not shown because we've eaten them!



  1. The cake looks scrumptious, I have some folders with various recipes in so I don't need to keep so many cookbooks. xx

  2. I am working through some of my recipes too as I have so many and some I will never cook so they are being thrown. Some I try and have to be adapted. The cake looks tasty.

  3. Very organised and it looks delicious.

  4. The cake looks marvelous. Way to go on the index pages. I have often thought I should do that, but keep putting it off.

    God bless.

  5. I always forget to photograph cakes etc before we have eaten them . It looks Delicious xx

  6. I was given a lovely book, in which you write your favorite ones, but I'm lazy and in each section are loads of pages taken from magazines. BUT the best one I have is my Christmas cake, I have used the same recipe for most of my adult life, I typed it many years ago and I love to pull it out each year.


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