Wednesday, 24 January 2018

A bus jolly

After a brisk walk to Liddle-iddle this morning to spend £20 and claim a free olive oil, I decided to have a bus jolly this afternoon. The sun was shining but there was a cold wind but I was sitting on the top deck with the bright sun making it warm and cosy. I took some pics of the varied scenery on the journey - some places interesting, some run down. 

Heading south along the Golden Mile the Big Wheel can be seen in the distance. Some Illuminations are up all year spanning the road.

Most of the smaller tourist attractions are closed over the winter.

Madame Tussaud's remains open.

We turned off the promenade and headed inland a little. The shops here are quite rundown and many empty and in need of repair.

Back up to the prom now and here is one of our 3 piers.

In the distance now the Big One at the Pleasure Beach can clearly be seen. The sun was in my eyes most of the way.

There's the Mirror Ball.

Past the archway and straight ahead is St. Anne's. The new tram sheds are on the right and I'm sure I took a picture of a tram but it doesn't seem to be here.

The built up promenade now gives way to sand dunes and today sand has blown all over the road.

Heading into the town the area becomes more built up.

Past the park and ...

I alighted on the main street. Here the buildings are more well kept and the architecture is more attractive to the eye.

Still bright sunshine and still a biting wind.

After a quick walk up and down the main street I caught a bus back home. Exercise done for the day and time to get a roast on for tea.



  1. What a lovely, sunny day. It's been lashing with rain here today!
    J x

  2. It's so lovely to see the bright sunshine. It's been grey and gloomy here today. X

  3. "Spend £20 and claim a free olive oil" - is that a coupon or something?

    1. It's a card I got in the shop which says Fantastic Welcome Offers. Maybe it's because the shop has recently been extended. There's a different freebie each week for 6 weeks. Next week it's washing powder.

  4. Really enjoyed the jaunt. Always a downer from seeing shops etc.closed.. Hey ho.

  5. What a lovely sunny day! I love the pictures of the piers.

    God bless.

  6. Lots of Brixham is closed up as well. Winter is so different at seaside towns. xx

  7. I do love seeing that blue sky!

  8. Husband took me to Lancashire to meet his parents and whilst we were there, we went to Blackpool. He loves going on The Big One and I'd said I'd go on it with him, but chickened out at the sight of it! He's never let me forget it! xx

  9. I've not lived in the area for 30 years now,(due to jobs) so it was lovely taking a bus journey with you. I could almost smell the sea air. Love your blog, we are so alike it's scary!


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