Thursday, 18 January 2018

F, F and F

We woke up to a white second Christmas on the 30th December while on holiday with family. The snow didn't stay long but it added to the festive occasion.

The New Year was also celebrated with festive fireworks. What loud bangs and crashes we heard for about half an hour. The whole sight was magical.

Walks and fun were the order of the day and I enjoyed every minute.

Can you tell!

There were 3 'occasions' that had to be celebrated - Chrismas, New Year and my birthday and what better present than this - a wooden box full of wool plus the added bonus of a crochet hook.

My hands were busy for the rest of the holiday.

Family, friends and fun - a winning combination.



  1. Great fun and lots of memories stored.

  2. What a wonderful festive time. Lovely photos:)

  3. How lovely and a happy belated birthday.

  4. A happy belated birthday to you. What pretty colors.

  5. Oh my, you look to be having a great time. What pretty yarn colours!!

    Nothing beats friends, family and fun.

    God bless.


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