Thursday, 11 January 2018

Normal Routine

I'm back into normal routine mode after an extended festive time which included 2 Christmases, the second of which was a White Christmas on the 29th December. No need to dream anymore until next year then. 
Normal routine for me is to sort all my everlasting cards and match them up with envelopes. Cards which are full of greetings are 'retired' and new cards made. Funny how just making small cards takes up such a large space. All done now and everything is packed away until November when I sign and address the cards again.

Just type 'everlasting cards' in the search box for more explanations of my Christmas greetings for friends and family.

Normal for me is 'work' in the mornings and 'play' in the afternoons so today was cleaning tiles in the newly decorated bathroom and washing and ironing plus card making and walking. It was a busy and productive day.



  1. I always plan jobs in the morning and craft as my afternoon reward. Well done you for making so many cards.

  2. I've never come across 'everlasting cards' before. How clever is that?
    J x

  3. Nice to hear from you! Productive as always.x

  4. I love your everlasting cards. Such a resourceful idea.

  5. That's how I do it, work, in the morning and play in the afternoon. My mum always said do the horrible jobs first and the rest of the day is yours!

    Julie xxxxxx

  6. Sadly, cards in any form don't really feature anymore in our part of the world. Doing our bit to save trees ;)

    Love your initiative though.

  7. I must look that up I've never heard of it.


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