Thursday, 25 January 2018

Thinking out loud

I would definitely have more space in my cupboards if I didn't have multiples of the same thing ...

eg magazines
types of clothing
craft items
toilet rolls
crocheted blankets
duvet covers
pillow cases

... to name but a few!

As part of my de-cluttering I am ridding myself of books and some of the first to go are those of Charles Dickens. We saved a full set on one of our forays to the tip (DH knows how to treat a girl!) and they have decorated shelves ever since. I have read a few and intended to read every single one. Now we have decorated it is time to cull and I can read the stories I haven't read yet online - and the print would be a lot larger.
So, off to the CS go the books and I've already made a start reading CD's books in order online. Now there's more space made.

The trouble is - I want to fill it!


  1. I know what you're talking about, every time I empty a space things expand and fill it right back up.

  2. I have now succumbed to the "if I bring in one more thing at least 2 have to leave". So far.... I haven't brought anything in and have gotten quite a few things out. Keeping my fingers crossed that this continues.

    God bless.

  3. I know what you mean. Do you have a community library in your area. They took all my books.. Magazines were the first thin I got rid of they went on free cycle and some one took them all, mostly cross-stitch mags which I had about ten bags full.

    Julie xxx

  4. what committment. I can't seem to do that just yet...

  5. I really need to cull my bookshelves. We have so many books that are just lingering becasue we can't bear to part with them. As soon as I feel stronger (flu bug) I will have a thorough sort through the shelves and pass on any that we won't read.

  6. There is something therapeutic about having a sort out. I always donate to the hospice shop and love the idea that my unwanted items are helping others and giving money to charity.

  7. It's a fact - a space can't just stay empty. We have to fill it with something! We have a large two-storey loft. We keep 'downsizing' it and then one of the children will ask if we can store something for a while. Trouble is - some of those 'whiles' end up being three or four years!

  8. De-cluttering!!! Yesssssss!!!!!

    We eliminated books too. Not all books, but ones we obviously will not read again. And I use our Library System. And "cheap/free" books, on Kindle on my tablet.

    I did not want to *Abandon The Printed Word*! But my husband's eyesight is very poor, and not all books come in Large Print. So we got him a tablet, on Kindle. It has been wonderful for him.

    I tried some, and it was wonderful for me too, to be able to enlarge print, to comfortable-for-me. I can still read regular print, so I do get Library books.

    But I am no longer a *True Purist* about The Printed Page. :-)

    De-clutter on! And I will be right behind you! :-)


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