Friday, 1 December 2017

Advent Calendar 2017 - Day 1

Linking with Julie's Scrapbook Advent Scavenger Hunt.


1. Letterbox
Here's the letterbox - not very Christmassy but soon Christmas cards will be posted through. The first card usually arrives on the 8th or 9th and from then on there will be a steady flow.

Here's the knob on the front door. I have to show that because the brass has been polished along with the letterbox and the key hole surround. 

Here's the Christmassy bit - the wreath on the door which hangs above the letterbox.

Let's start the Christmas month with something pretty.



  1. Your wreath is certainly very pretty. X

  2. Love your wreath, I like the way you have the ivy dangling down. xxx

  3. Brass looks lovely when it's shiny doesn't it. I work as a cleaner and spend a lot of time just before Christmas polishing silver and brass!

  4. Ooh, your wreath is lovely! And SUCH a shiny letterbox!

  5. Your Christmas wreath is beautiful and the perfect colour for your green front door. Hugs Barbara

  6. That doorknob sure shines!!

    The wreath is very nice. You did a lovely job.

    God bless.

  7. I love the door knob and letterbox, and wreath

    Julie xxxxxx

  8. Ooooh, it's been so hectic here, I have clean forgotten about the Adventskranz (in honour of RMan's German background). I better get busy, the first candle must get lit tomorrow.

    You brassware looks stunning - never mind your wreath :D

  9. Your wreath looks perfect over the leaded windows.


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