Thursday, 7 December 2017

Advent Calendar 2017 - Day 7


 7. Bell(s)

No bells in this picture. Earlier on this week, as part of our decorating, it was my turn to paint. As a slap it on kind of person, my painting is always done where the finish is not on show, hence I was painting the upstairs cupboard which houses the washing machine and bedding. The washing machine was taken out (no mean feat) and I stepped in along with a huge pot of paint. 
"Paint it all white", was the instruction and so I did.

Diver Dan is stuck fast to this hot water pipe so I had to paint around him.

No bells yet. Actually there were bells as I was listening to Christmas songs as I painted away.

A festive party in a cupboard. I know how to rock.



  1. My painting leaves a great deal to be desired as well. Harvey doesn't let me paint at all.

    God bless.

  2. I am banned from the paint tin. I slap it on too, but I get paint every where it shouldn't be too....... Think my dad told my husband not to let me in the paint tin too, because I'm not allowed to paint only on paper!

    Julie xxxx

  3. I too stick to paint on paper. x

  4. Love the idea of a Christmas party in a cupboard!
    good luck with any more painting you have to do

  5. I paint to music too. I do all the painting in my house hubby hates it. He will help with ceilings if I ask.

  6. Here is another one not allowed to help. Must be a man thing. Think they are better that us or perhaps it is the one thing they can do well. Rock on in your cupboard!

  7. If I listen to music whilst I'm painting I do a better job because I rush less as I'm distracted.

  8. You did a good job of the painting!


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