Monday, 4 December 2017

Advent Calendar 2017 - Day 4


4. Christmas book(s)

I always read a Christmas book at this time of year - something light and frivolous. This was my reading last year. My other reading is 25 Beautiful Homes magazines. I read 3 - this year's and the previous 2 year's making 3 mags in all - just to get me in the Christmas mood.

My other Christmas book is my Christmas binder which helps with organising cards and presents. Click here to see what I keep in it.


PS Lynne - of course you may share my Christmas recipe. :)


    1. The book looks interesting

      Julie xxxxxx

    2. I read (and loved) The Twelve Days of Christmas last year too. This year I'm going to read Christmas at the Cupcake Cafe by Jenny Colgan. x

    3. I really must find a Christmas book. Got none now grandsons grown up. I need one for myself.

    4. I read this book last year...enjoy! x

    5. I saw that one last year at our library, but read two others instead, which was quite amazing for me as I don't read a lot of novels these days, mainly reference or the occasional biography type. take care.

    6. I really need to find a Christmas book to read. Perhaps I need a visit to the library.

      God bless.

    7. I absolutely love stained glass, how lucky to have some xx

    8. I read that one is South Africa (during the 12 days of Christmas) and I really liked it!


    Thank you for your comments. it's always exciting reading them.