Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Winding down

The freezer will be defrosted once we've eaten our way through the remaining items. Hiding in its depths were some frozen grapes, spinach and blackcurrants. These, along with some strawberries and water went into a container and were blitzed to liquid …

Blood with black bits in plus green slime

… and poured into a suitable glass.

looks better in the glass

It was cold and delicious, apart from the blitzed grape pips which kept turning up unannounced! There was also some left over to add to my sherry and some ginger ale (found in the garage) and was very refreshing on this oh so hot day.

Hope everyone's not too hot and bothered today.


PS Note to Meanqueen - I went out today in my skirt which immediately blew up when the gust of wind blew. It's breezy by the seaside. Good job I was prepared!



  1. Waste not want not as my Gran used to say. At least it look quote tropical in that glass and also it sounds like loads of goodness!!!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  2. I've never thought to mush old fruit up with my Bamix - there never seems to be any over but will try it next time.
    Wonder what Meanqueen does in that situation - no knickers and all that. Cool and calm or clammy and and covered what a decision to make lol

  3. nothing better than a Marilyn Monroe moment with the wind up your skirt!!

  4. I too have experienced the billowing skirt - bracing!

  5. I've never fancied blitzing up veggies and fruit, it does look pretty though.

  6. Great idea with the fruit. Think I will give it a try with some of the red an black currants have in the freezer and left over fruit.
    Glad you were prepared for the gust of wind.

  7. I still have some fruit in my freezer from last year that my girls use for smoothies but they just won't eat the gooseberries lol so I must take a leaf out of your book and use them up in something else

  8. I've bought a bag of frozen fruits from lidl for blitzing purposes x


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