Sunday, 12 July 2015

Flowers and plants

It was a lazy day today but I seem to have got a lot done. Brass sorted, litter picked from front garden and book finished amongst the normal tidy, iron routine. We picked the remaining potatoes and onions from the garden to make way for the leeks.

Here's a selection of DH's 'strange plant' collection. This one has little babies around it.

Here's a shrimp plant complete with shrimps.

This one fires out seeds and has an unusual gherkin like stem.

This one, I think is called mother of millions as the little plantlets scatter everywhere.

These leaves wobble around on their stem.

And this rosette one is just an unusual colour.

I keep picking the sweet peas and they keep filling the house with their scent.

The Sweet Williams are still going strong - just a little shorter and in a smaller vase.

This view is from my afternoon sitting spot. A wall of going over mange tout and a curtain of onions. They make for an unusual green garden screen.


Happy growing.


  1. Lovely post, your garden is so productive. Love your daughters plants.

  2. DH's strange plant is called a Rock Rose. Very water wise and doesn't like frost. It's very common here - and the babies can just be broken off and planted in the ground straight away.

  3. Wow! would you like to weave your magic spell in my garden
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  4. Such a beautiful garden. I love sweet peas and sweet Williams, along with freesias they are my favourites. The screen of peas and onions is just fab! Xxx


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