Thursday, 23 July 2015

A Lidl bit of this

I transplanted some Lidl growing lettuce and lo and behold they've grown into large lettuce which I can eat with my salad.

The tomatoes are now ready to eat ...

and the grapes are plumping out. They won't be ready until September.

But I can eat some poppy peas with my salad. These were a swap for a tub of strawberries. Here's to friends who grow.

It's been warm today - DD's fences have been mended, a load of invasive ivy pulled out, broad beans picked, curry with home grown veg cooked and courgettes ready to gift to friends. I'm going to start another ripple to be used as a cover for patio furniture cushions. All is well.



  1. Nothing better than home-grown.

  2. It's a great time of year when we get to eat our own produce isn't it. I love wandering up the garden to find what I will eat next :-)

  3. I plant out Lidl lettuce and the basil plants too. They seem to thrive on it. I've grown butternut squash and peppers from seeds left over from cooking the vegetables and I plant potato peelings and have some beauties growing at the moment. I've got some cherry stones to try but I've read they are hard to grow. Any advice gratefully received.

  4. I've been out in the garden. My salad leaves and radish are ready to eat!

  5. Summer vegetable gardens are a joy. Happy eating.

  6. Glad to see I'm not the only one who grows the Lidl lettuces!
    Julie xxxxx

  7. It all looks yummy I cant wait until I can start picking mine from my vegetable patch :-) Although in my garden my peas are nearly ready and I have a huge of amount of green tomatoes and my blackberry bush is laden with fruit love this time of year :-) dee xx

  8. I've planted Lidl growing lettuce too. The dear little slugs came and ate ALL the lettuce seedlings grown from (Lidl) seed. I've got a parsley plant and chives grown from reduced supermarket plants too. The Lidl lettuce should see us through the rest of the summer : )


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