Sunday, 16 March 2014

List 52 - Week 11

I'm joining in with Dreamer's 52 list and am choosing small tasks that I've been avoiding and would like to do/finish. My list is written in my organiser and I hope this will give me a kick up the backside and spur me on. My eleventh week task is:

11. Shorten the dress you got from the Charity shop umpteen weeks ago. It's been hanging around the Lady Cave too long.

The dress was being thrown in the rags bin because there was a tear in the material near the edge of the dress so I asked if I could rescue it. Yes, of course, but when I got it home it went in the 'to do' basket and hasn't emerged until today.

Armed with a tape measure, a pair of scissors, a quick unpick, matching thread and a needle, I set to. There was a border around the edge that had to be cut carefully away. I kept it attached to the dress because I was going to sew it back on once I'd cut the dress to length.

Shall I cut here? Always measure twice so you only cut once.

I only have short legs! The edging was sewn on by hand and now I have another dress for dancing.

Job done - tick!



  1. Well done - shortening a dress for a friend this past week gave me the impetus to get one of my own shortened, after 6 months of 'intending to do so'. I too have Short Leg Syndrome
    I love that blue colour

  2. Lovely dress. I bet you're looking forward to wearing it now.

  3. Nice job Mum. The dress is a lovely colour.

  4. beautiful!!!! I have a basket of ironing on my list today!!

  5. Beautiful dress and a job well done.

  6. Well done on getting something so lovely at the charity shop and being able to fix it for yourself.

  7. A lovely dress for dancing,it looks as thought it has 'swish'.
    Jane x

  8. That is a lovely dress. Well done for both spotting it and making it wearable : )

  9. Brilliant. I'm always in awe of anyone who can do things with a needle and thread.


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