Sunday, 9 March 2014

List 52 - Week 10

I'm joining in with Dreamer's 52 list and am choosing small tasks that I've been avoiding and would like to do/finish. My list is written in my organiser and I hope this will give me a kick up the backside and spur me on. My tenth week task is:

10. Visit your followers. You've tried to visit everyone quite a few times but have never worked your way through all the list. Now is your chance to make amends.

According to the beginning of my followers' list I have 318 followers. The number at the end of the list says 301. (Who knows where 17 of you went?) I know that not all my followers have blogs so -

"Hi and hello to you and thank you for adding my blog to your list. I don't know if you regularly visit but I appreciate your interest."

I don't know how long it will take me to go through all the list but now it's on the 52 list it's top priority.

To the regular commenters -

"Hi and hello to you and thank you for taking the trouble to add a comment even if it's just IRYPT (I read your post today). It's really exciting to see the 'comments awaiting' note.

To my newest follower

"Welcome to my blog. I hope you will visit often."

To my followers who have blogs - 

I shall be working through the list - it may take a while!



  1. What a lovely idea, I have 180+ followers, and I know that I dont see all of them regularly, maybe I'll try to have a look at them all soon, thanks for the idea, Joy x x

  2. Thank you! I enjoy your blog, altho don't always comment. And I don't understand how the follower numbers work either [I posted about that only yesterday]
    Sunday blessings xx

  3. I have found some interesting blogs to read by clicking on followers or commenter's identities. Happy reading !

  4. I'll put the coffee on then!
    Jane x

  5. Hello Mum

    I keep trying to do that too!! Working through all my blog list ……I start at the bottom but I just don't seem to get to the top…ever! There are many too many distractions !

    going to try again!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  6. Now that is a challenge Mum! I do love reading other's blogs and have found myself just clicking on the next blog tab at the top and have come across some lovely blogs I would of otherwise missed and 2 hours or more have passed. Look forward to your next visit x

  7. It can take such a long time to go through the blogs you're following yourself, never mind all the ones which are following you too. It's a lovely idea.

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I always wonder if anyone is reading. xx


Thank you for your comments. it's always exciting reading them.