Friday, 14 March 2014

Alphabet Blogging - T

T is for Typing

My mum could type and gave lessons in typing around the dining room table. I was able to sit in on these lessons and learnt the basic touch typing method so I am able to type without looking at the keyboard. I never did do the numbers lesson so I have to look at the keys whenever I need these. I learned on a typewriter and we had to press each key to a correct timing. If she had had a metronome I'm sure she would have used it to keep us all in time.

Being able to type has been an advantage to me throughout my working life and even now it is extremely useful when typing up blog posts.

My DS never had typing lessons but because he has been around computers all his life his fingers are a whizz around the keyboard. In his professional life he has a keyboard with no letters, numbers or characters showing. All the keys are totally blank and yet he is able to find his way around at speed. His fingers are a blur!

This video shows someone typing on a blank keyboard. (It's extremely boring but shows it can be done.)

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  1. I'm a touch typist too, my son who creates apps can whizz around a keyboard, not sure if he has letters and numbers on his keyboard or not though.
    Julie xxxx

  2. HI Mum. Its great to be able to type 'properly' isnt it? I got a job taking orders over the phone with a catalogue company and we had to learn how to type properly on a keyboard whose letters and numbers were covered over. Amazing how quickly it falls into place!

  3. Hi Mum, my mum was a seriously good typist too. In the days before word processors and computers (showing my age here), I learnt to touch type at school and still use the skill now when using my computer. It is really useful, but I think that many non touch typists are really fast these days, I think it is to do with the ease of use of the keyboards we have nowadays. I've got to admit that I was never really any great shakes at it though. I tended to need way too much Tippex. I was relieved when the typing work in my first job got sent to the typing pool! (Remember them).

  4. I would like to touch type but my fingers get all tangled up. :)

  5. I taught myself to touch-type in the 60s, but I cant use my little fingers, so nowadays I tend to type with just the first two fingers of each hand. And yes, my sons just whizz so fast it amazes me.

  6. I have to look at the keyboard to type (lol) would love to learn to touch type Have a happy weekend... Hugs May x x x

  7. I took typing in High School and got pretty good at it so when computers came along I was fine. My husband is of the hunt and peck, but pretty quick. I don't think I'd like a blank keyboard even though I don't look when I'm typing.

  8. My grandfather had a lovely old typewriter he gave me when he got an electric one ( where it went I do not know ) I type with one finger !
    How easy to correct mistakes made now... no rewrites or Tippex needed !


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