Friday, 7 March 2014

Alphabet Blogging - U

U is for Useless

That's me as I forgot that it was my Alphabet post today. Better late than never.

U is for Up and Under

Up above in the airing cupboard is where the spare bedding is stored. I do keep tidying it out but it's so high up that when a sheet is pulled out many more covers, pillows and sheets come tumbling down.

Under the sink now. Plenty here from cleaning materials, bin, compost box to plastic bags used for bin liners. 

Up high in the kitchen is the collection of old bottles.

Under the stairs (dare I show it?) - more bags, packing materials, cat food, ironing board, old rags and bottles. Looks like a tidy is necessary.

Up above in the dining room is our decorative ceiling. It was in the house when we moved in.

And finally the cupboard under the eaves. I must take you on a tour sometime!

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  1. I have the same problem with my linen cupboard. I need more shelves in it I think then at least less would fall out. I love your collection of bottles.


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