Thursday, 13 March 2014

More Veg

The warm weather gave us the opportunity to tidy the garden. The rest of the leeks were harvested …

and processed! The freezer smells very leeky now.

The soil is now ready for sowing seed, most of which we've saved from last year, but an order has gone in to MoreVeg for a few more packets.

This year we'll be growing parsnip, onions, corn, lettuce, carrots, cucumber, tomato, spinach, courgettes, runner beans, French beans, mange-tout, asparagus, beetroot and …

leeks of course.


  1. I have never frozen leeks - do you blanch them first?

    1. I didn't blanche them, just chopped them up. I hope they will taste OK from the freezer and I'll try to use them up in the next few months.

  2. A lovely late harvest to fill your freezer with, very satisfying seeing all those little tubs filled I 'll bet x

  3. What a productive day! We don`t grow leeks as Mr DW doesn`t like them ( but sometimes he gets them in home made soups without realising it....!).
    Good luck with your growing plans for this year.

  4. Good luck with your gardening.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  5. wonderful - hope they freeze well x

  6. Yum, lovely.

    Dan loves leeks, if I take care of the bits of veg we have this year and enjoy doing it I would like to try leeks next time round. We eat so many it would be nice to have a supply of them.

  7. I was without leeks as I did start some seeds off but they never got planted out. Must do better this year. I've moved to a new allotment site and one of my new plot neighbours gave me some though, they were delicious. All that preparation must have taken some time, it's so time consuming getting all the soil out from between the layers.

  8. What a fine harvest of leeks you have there! Lovely to see yummy things from the garden all stocked up in the freezer, isn't it? Cheers, Nanny Anny


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