Friday, 28 March 2014

Alphabet Blogging - R

R is for Re-use, Recycle and Repurpose

Re-using is using an item again and again.

eg. I re-use plastic bags as bags for bread and then as bags for bin liners.

Recyling means that the item is broken down and the component materials reused.

eg. I recycle glass, cardboard and tins via the council recycling bins and they are taken to be processed into other items.

Repurposing is when unwanted items are used in different ways and made into different things.

eg. I repurpose towels to make floorcloths and dusters.

Eventually my reused bags will end up in the refuse and my repurposed items will not last forever. Clothing may end up as rags that will become stuffing for mattresses but they too will finally end up as refuse. I suppose with the re-using it stops the consumption of 'new' stuff. Recycled items could keep on going round and round so long as they continue to be recycled.

I'm sure I re-use, recycle and repurpose many other things. Do you?

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  1. we reuse plastic bags, bread bags, old tee shirts, worn out socks and underwear for cleaning rags, old anything fabric goes into the rag bag, my son's jeans are cut apart and restitched into table mats, I cut up old wood boards and things and make furniture out of it, and storage boxes, sometimes wall paneling out of pallets, picture frames, etc., old jewelry bits and bobs become new pieces, I reuse spray bottles in the garden, and we recycle aluminum cans we find. the list goes on and on, but it's way too early here to get them in alphabetical order, grin ! have a great day!

  2. I approve : ) I'm trying to recycle/repurpose as much as I can. I'm aware that I've got a bit of a reputation (not always the nice sort) for finding treasure in everybody else's rubbish but I've got to try.

  3. Lots of things reused or repurposed here, and the things that can't be used go to be recycled or passed on to the charity shop so that other people can make use of it.

  4. IRYPT.....that's READ your post today,not re-used,repurposed or recycled.
    Jane x

  5. I do all that you have posted but I'm going to look at Annie's blog for more tips on repurposing.

  6. We recycle most things, today I'm going to re-purpose an old sheet and blanket into a new ironing board cover.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  7. I`m one after your own heart Mum. Most things can have a second ( or third) purpose in life!


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