Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Snowflakes 14, days left 11


Hoping for a stocking that's full!


On earth peace, goodwill towards men.
The chores are done, the tea is made, time for a sit down to read a mag and I may have a 'little sherry' seeing as it's December. (I know what the money in the sealed pot will be put towards next year!)


Have you found her today? She's very elusive this one but she's there if you look closely enough or she may just steal up on you sometime and surprise you.
There was a full rainbow arch in the sky yesterday. It only lasted a short time - not long enough to get a picture but Joy was there when I first saw it.
The clematis was hacked down at the end of Autumn. Joy was there again when I spotted new growth.


The whirly mange gear in my mixer broke but DH is fixing it for me.
DD wears the crochet scarf and mitts I made for her.
The cats snuggle up close each evening.
I crochet snowflake after snowflake because someone said they like snowflake bunting.
DS and partner are coming home for Christmas.
Each year I put up the everlasting Christmas cards from friends and family who are not here.

Anything to add to my lists?


  1. Spotted it today. Have enjoyed you posts and looking for the snow flakes. Thanks for cheering my day up

  2. I managed to see it today too. Not long to go now.

  3. Joy for me is waiting for youngest son to come home from uni at the weekend, and visiting daughter and baby granddaughter at Christmas! Also remembering the Saviour's birth.

  4. Please can you post your pattern for a crochet snowflake. I'd love to put one on our tree.

    Yours is a very christmassy house : )

  5. There's lots of bits of green popping up from the earth, it seems far too early yet, but maybe not.

  6. Yes I spotted it. I really enjoyed reading this post X

  7. I'm always amused when I see that the other Jo has posted a comment because my dog was a Cavalier and I probably would have used her as my little photo too. Still miss her but can't have another dog until I stop working fulltime - wouldn't be fair.


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