Thursday, 1 December 2011

Collections - Making more than one!

I crocheted a Nativity set as a present for a friend for Christmas, working on the figures off and on throughout the year. They are only small - about 4 inches high.

The Kings

The Shepherds

Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus

The Angel

First Set

Second Set

I also crocheted this other set. Here are close-ups of the individual figures.

You can find the pattern here.

A third set is in the making. Could we call this a collection or and obsession with multiples?


  1. Definitely a collection....!

    I was given a lovely knitted Nativity by a Pupil`s Mum when I was an infant teacher, and it stayed with me for years, coming out every Christmas. The children loved it. When I went into dyslexia teaching and no longer had a class, I gave the set to a young teacher in her probationary year. Hopefully it is still in use somewhere, this Christmas.

    I`m sure your lovely sets will be treasured.

  2. There's something very endearing about your knitted Joseph! I think he's cute all on his own. But 3 sets isn't obsession, 5 might be.

  3. Obsession? Certainly not!

    It's a collection of collections, nothing wrong with that!

  4. Hi mum, I just wanted to know I have nominated your lovely blog for the Liebster award. See myblog post for full details.

  5. What a special present. My mum has made similar Christmas tree decorations for me and I love hanging them.

    Sft x

  6. Oh Mum those are gorgeous ;-)) clever you. dee xx

  7. that is delightful, my son is Joseph in his school's nativity this year x

  8. They are amazing. My Indian Christian friends in Goa would go wild for them. x


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