Monday, 12 December 2011

Snowflakes 12, days left 13

C is for candles

The candle bands were crocheted by the same talented friend.

H is for holly

It's been raining too hard here to go out and cut some holly from the tree so I chose a picture of our holly from a few years ago.

R is for reindeer

DD loves pink!

I is for ivy

Ivy is in short supply here so I chose a carol from my music. You can listen to it if you wish.

S is for snowflakes
12 now and still counting

When I reach 25 they will be strung together to form an Advent calendar or bunting for next year.

T is for tinsel

We put up sparkly streamers today. It took all morning because they kept unravelling.

Like tinsel they reflect the light.

M is for making merry!

December is a 'time for a little sherry in the afternoon'. Just a time for reflection and rest (or making merry)!

A is for Advent calendar.

A must for the countdown to Christmas. Don't count this snowflake!

S is for star

At least I think it's a star. It could be a snowflake.

Hello new follower. I love your granny stripe blanket. It must have taken ages to make. Give the cat a stroke from me.


  1. That was just lovely i was so enjoying it I thought perhaps you could spell out some other words lol,really it was lovely thanks so much.

  2. I love those reusable advent calendars, I've never got round to making or buying one.


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