Friday, 2 December 2011

Snowflake countdown or count up?

Decorating has begun. Today was the hall ...

... and part of the kitchen.

Most of the decorations have been rescued from charity shops or car boots or were in sales at the end of December.

Snowflakes 2, days left 23. 


  1. ohh i think im going to put my tree up this weekend. Its my daughters birthday on the 4th of dec so we like to put it up for her, makes her birthday abit more special x

  2. Lovely i got my decorations down from the loft last night i will spend this week looking through them ready to put up after next week, have a lovely weekend, dee xx

  3. Oh my goodness. I have to get an advent calander...panic. Our decorations are going up today, the 4 year old is very excited already x

  4. I haven't even got our decorations down from the loft yet. My mum gave all her old decorations to the charity shop last year, I was gutted, all the things I remember on the tree from when I was a child. She didn't realise that I would have loved them.

  5. We're decorating today, but I know that means actually it will last all week LOL.

    Love your crocheted nativity scene, I think it's fantastic!

    Have a lovely weekend my lovely, and take care.
    Donna x

  6. What do I have to do re the award, thanks again! Should I copy and paste? Then how do I link back to you?

  7. Love your decorations!

    We'll put the tree up next weekend. Must have my birthday cards up for a week.

    Sft x


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