Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Snowflakes 13, days left 12

More home-made cards are arriving.

They are made from all sorts - recycled cards, stickers, Christmas trimmings,

paper, card, whatever is to hand.

The cross stitch ones take longer to make, of course.

Inside is a little note. Some recipients may find it amusing, some may think I'm too tight to buy new cards and some may agree with the idea of re-using and spending time to make a card to give to special people. 

Whatever their thoughts I gain a lot of pleasure from the making, sending and receiving of these cards.

This blog entry is a reminder to me of some of the cards that I've made for this season of goodwill.

Welcome to Shelley a new follower to this blog, who does wonderful crochet work.


  1. They are lovely. It is SO much nicer to receive a card that has been made with thought, love and care. M x

  2. These are super Mum, and it's a brilliant idea! :o)

  3. The cards are wonderful and such a lovely idea to recycle them. Are they all ones which you've made yourself or do other people you know do the same thing?

  4. I love them and think its a fab idea and personnal to. Just to say i haven't forgot your parcel i will send it over the next week. I have just been up to my ears trying to get everything done. dee xx

  5. Delia, thank you. I know that you are extremely busy - soon be holidays!
    Jo, sometimes the recipients make their own everlasting card to send back to me. The ones on the left in the third and fifth picture were made by other people to send back. For others I will have made 2 cards so they alternate back and forth. The list of dates inside is a record of the length of time the card has been 'on the go'. If circumstances change the card stops. One of my cards I will keep because of a sudden loss. I will make a new card to replace it. The greeting inside is 'love from the .........'s to the .......'s and the year eg 2011.


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