Wednesday, 28 December 2011

28th December

Azza's having trouble with her blog at the moment so I'm presuming the Virtual Christmas Party is postponed or cancelled.  I had put together some thoughts for the 'event' so for Azza and Diane here's my contribution. I thought we might like a bit of music - Diane's the connesieur here but I'd like to add to the list with a favourite one of mine which always makes me get up and dance.

I think we should also have some games for those who want to 'sit it out'.
What about working out these anagrams of Christmas Carols?

1. Lets thin gin (2 words)
2. Jill lens beg (2 words)
3. Again wean army (4 words)
4. Flee this torn (3 words)
5. His sheep a wrist (4 words)
6. Gatter hymns swoon (3 words)

Now for pressies. This one's for Azza as it's her party. I found this one for Diane through the Welsh Cottage on the Hlil blog.

Food time - a simple pasta salad is my contribution. (Thank you DS's partner.)
Combine some cooked pasta of your choice with chopped up veg of your choice. We chose peppers (red, yellow and green), half a cucumber and cold meats of your choice. Dress with Greek yogurt and some garlic.

We need a trifle of course - buns, sherry, jelly, custard, cream and chocolate sprinkles - will slip down a treat.

I'm going on a diet after the New Year!

Cracker now?
What's the difference between a male snowman and a female snowman?

Azza can also have another Chrissy present as she's had a rough time lately. Here it is.

Hope 2012 brings you more good luck than bad. See you in the New Year.


  1. You lovely lady ,very thoughtful of you and what fun...See you in the new year.Carole

  2. Thank you so much for my prezzies, they're absolutely lovely and thank you for thinking about me!

    I've still got a few bugs to work out but I'll be back in earnest soon.

  3. Thanks for the T Rex clip mum, I really enjoyed it and it took me back to my teens!

  4. Oooh - thanks for the prezzie, and the music is fab! You'll be pleased to know that I am boogeying in my seat at this very moment.... It's hsrd to tipe, tho...

  5. did you save me some dessert, both looks good as does the pasta salad!!

  6. Happy new year Mum hope 2012 is a great one ;-)) dee xx

  7. Don't know the difference between a male and female snowman, but when we have jelly babies, I always ask: 'Can I have a boy jelly baby please,as they have more jelly!' Happy New Year

  8. Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog, it's from Lion Brand by the way just in case you don't know! It is so warm and cosy to snuggle up with. I didn't use the wool they said, just the stock I've got in and used a 15mm hook, largest I have. I love your crochet work and the snow garland. Also I love the deco trifle dishes! Suzy x

  9. Jayne - all I can say to you is 'snowballs'!

  10. Hi glad you popped on over to my blog !. Have been not so good on the healthy eating this evening!. Pop over anytime
    ps love your blogx


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