Monday, 13 May 2019

Walk with me ...

... around a little known walkway near the zo. The area where the zoo is used to be an aerodrome which housed aircraft during the war. By the side is a little woodland where wild flowers abound. The cowslips shine out from a carpet of green.

Through the woodland runs a small rivulet over which the path meanders.

A relic pill box from the war years hides within the greenery with a soldier still keeping watch.

The scent of wild garlic abounds.

Such a peaceful spot with a main road, hospital and zoo a stone's throw away.

A peaceful haven amidst the urban sprawl.

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  1. Lovely. So peaceful. And on the level.

  2. I love cowslips, we don't have them in Canada.

  3. You have such lovely areas to walk in.

    God bless.


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