Friday, 10 May 2019

Happiness in the garden

Now is flowering time and these little beauties are welcoming the sun in and around the pergola. The aquilegia and poppies at the end of the walkway,

the poppies and little white flowers (woodruff - thank you Jill),

aquilegias and bluebells

and strawberries.

But the one that's come out in all its glory is the clematis which was originally pinched as a small cutting from another garden.

Here it cones ...

The scent is wonderful and the sight is amazing. The pergola is completely swamped in an avalanche of snowy white flowers.

Welcome, Spring.



  1. Woodruff? Little white flowers could be wrong. Lovely clematis. Ours are all about to burst forth but I havent got a smelly white one.

  2. Oh my! I just have now luck at all with clematis. Yours is lovely.

    I do well with the columbine however and your purple one is gorgeous.

    God bless.

  3. What beautiful photos - I love Spring too.

  4. Your garden is looking beautiful. Enjoy.


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