Saturday, 25 May 2019

Tidy up day

Saturday is clean the fridge, microwave and hob day plus put everything away in its place. Let's get to it then. Fridge, microwave and hob were tackled first to get them out of the way and then a trip around every room began putting things away and straightening things up. Here's the kitchen bit.

Oh dear - dishwasher items to put away and new stuff to put in.

Toast crumbs to clear up and breakfast tray to sort out.

Quite a few bits fall to the floor everyday in this busy area so a quick sweep is necessary.

In the back room all the seeds that we were looking at yesterday were tidied away. The runner beans have now been planted.

We couldn't take the cat to a restaurant as it would put its food all over the floor and not clear its plate. Let's tidy it away and put some fresh down.

Next was a trip into the garden to gather salad greens for lunch.

We're eating the thinnings of the lettuce at the moment ...

... as well as leaves from the trio of lettuce bought from Liddle-iddle a few weeks ago.

They had to have a quick salt bath to get rid of any biddies. Whoops, messed the sink area up again.

Salad bowls at the ready waiting for tasty leaves. Nearly clear this side of the kitchen.

Nearly clear here too, just a shopping list that's been started. All the crumbs are gone. (Just wait until lunchtime!)

Table cleared and prettied up. (Won't stay that way for long!)

Oh my, just when the kitchen was sorted, the tumble drier finished and offered up a great pile of ironing.

What did I say about everything in its place? Nothing stays still long enough for that!


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  1. This sounds so familiar. It's worth it though, just to keep it all under some sort of control, I think.


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