Sunday 12 May 2019


Planted the kale, de-shooted the tomatoes, ironed, tidied, de-cluttered and polished the brass. Work in the morning, play in the afternoon so, seeing as it was still sunny, we walked to see the sea. I've never seen the sea blue in Blackpool, it's normally grey. Today, however it was as blue as the sky.

It was quite quiet today (Was there a football match on?) and the sands were fairly empty of folk.

A stroll along the pier and then on to Wetherspoon's for a pint before returning home.



PS Something made this deep hole in the sand but there were no human footprints around it and only one set of bird/animal prints to it. Duby, duby, duby, duby. :{



  1. No idea. Could it have been something coming out of the sand and slithering away? All beautiful otherwise. Same up here.

  2. years since we have been to Blackpool, never seen it look so deserted.

  3. What lovely pictures. The beach is beautiful. I am glad that you had it to yourself mostly.

    As far as that idea.

    God bless.


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