Saturday 11 May 2019

It's a sunny day -

- good job I'm well prepared for it.

in the hall

in the porch

more in the porch

in the kitchen

in the sun room

another in the sun room

No sun in my eyes when I venture out. This glorious day I've planted out the leeks, hoe hoed the back and the front :) and picked leaves for a 'healthy' salad for tea.

The cat is not too fond of the sun so is resting as usual indoors.

She's well away.



  1. I love hats but the wind does not help. I currently wear a lid. A golf visor but I call it a lid. Helps keep sun off camera too so I can see what I am doing!

  2. please send some of that nice weather our way!!

  3. I don't think I have a single hat in the house! Maybe I ought to do something about that after seeing your splendid collection.


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