Monday, 27 June 2016

Whoo, hoo ...

I lost another 2!

Two pounds lighter this week and I'm not at all hungry or craving more. I have a very small breakfast - just one slice of toast with a cup of tea. I know it's recommended that dieters eat a large breakfast but I want to do this losing weight my way with as little disruption to my 'normal' diet as possible. My lunch consists of home made soup or something to do with eggs - 2 at the most and one slice of toast followed by a piece of fruit. My main meal is a 'normal' for me meal, just a smaller portion or a larger one minus anything really fattening. e.g. half the plate vegetables and only very small portions of meat, if any. Suppers are still there but I'm cutting down the portion size and the 'going back for more' aspect!

My exercise is still the same as before dieting to lose weight and if needed I could possibly do more. I don't think I'll add anything to the formula this week and see what happens next. I'm nearing my first target weight and I'll see how I feel when I reach it. Now I can fit into all my jeans with the waistbands comfortable and not digging in. My bras are not tight either.

Thank you so much for helping me - I could not do this without you spurring me on. The fact that I know others are 'watching' me makes me more determined to achieve my goal. I'm very close now and another few weeks should get me where I want to be.

I'm hanging on in there!



  1. Clever you. You have inspired me to do the same
    Julie xxx

  2. Well done you!!I put on 1lb this week but has lost 3lbs last week. Must get back on track. Boost me on and I will encouarge you though you are doing just fine.x

    1. Louise, I'm on your back. So your 3 was really only 2 but 2 is better than 1 and is way better than zero. Go, girl, go it I can do it (albeit very slowly) then you certainly can.

  3. Well done unloosing 2lb, it's such a good way to do it, lifestyle rather then a 'diet' xx

  4. You're doing really well. Keep stuffing your face with vegetables and salads.

  5. Woweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Well done.x

  6. Congratulations, it's so hard to lose weight and even harder to keep it off. My doctor says that after a weight loss the body will slow your metabolism down so you continually have to eat less to lose and that reaches a point where it can't be done.
    The way you're doing it is good, same food, just less.

  7. Great results. Very inspiring. Keep up the good work.

  8. That's great news I put a pound on last week, it was a terrible time.

  9. Very well done. I was doing well til I came to the myriad food delights of Lancashire last Thursday. So enjoying being here for 10 days and the weather is good so far! May just have bought some samdals at the Freeport but they are comfy. I stiil have 21 lbs to go but this week is my holiday and I am watching portions and like Ilona says, those veggies are filling. Slowly and surely does it. Catriona

  10. Well done, you are doing very well, I have lost more last week, but we went out today and I was naughty x


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