Wednesday, 15 June 2016

From my seat

I'm at DD's and DH is fixing gates while I babysit the pusscats. In front of me is this little bundle of fluff. I say little because he's only a kitten but he's really rather on the large size and he's going to grow very BIG.

Maine Coon

Oriental shorthair

British lilac shorthair

I have a book on my knee which I'm dipping into every so often between stroking and playing with the cats.

The shopper came from the CS and is very lightweight. I bought it to hold my dancing shoes but it's come in handy as a quick 'throw it in' bag when grabbing things to go out at short notice.

Love to all.


PS 1. Don't forget to comment if you wish to join in the 1, 2, 3 giveaway and pass it on game. If there's only 2 takers I shall be tossing a coin at the weekend.
2. I've enjoyed visiting some new blogs this week and have found some new ideas.


  1. I love all ginger cats, I had my beautiful Kitty for 15 years and still miss her now. Your daughters certaily looks as though its going to be a big one.

  2. Lovely cats ... perhaps except that Oriental one, who looks like he might spit in your eye!
    I used to read Clare Francis books - you've reminded me about her thrillers, I might try one again!
    Margaret P
    PS As I've mentioned on another blog, I'm not au fait with all these rellies' initials, such as DD and DH. Everyone seems to use these, these days, but they might mean different things to different people. I would much prefer the actual title or name. But I expect I'm the only pedantic one reading the blogs!
    Margaret P

    1. DD = darling daughter
      DH = darling husband

  3. The kitten is just toooooooo adorable!!! The lilac short hair is a beauty and the oriental one is stunning! What a lovely way to while away your time X


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