Monday 13 June 2016

Going, going

but not all gone yet. Just another pound shed this week - slow but sure. My goals so far are:-

1.  No biscuits
2. No alcohol
3. No puddings or cake
4. Cut the suppers
5. Smaller portions
6. No bread with meals
7. Drink enough water

I still need to work on number 3 as I've been having 'just a tiny taste' of cake which really should be 'no cake'. I'm having trouble cutting suppers altogether but I have cut the amount. Numbers 1, 2, 6 and 7 I can do fairly easily.

My focus this week will be to add more veggies than I do already to my meals. The veg will be mainly mange tout as they are growing thick and fast. I shall do smaller portions of more fattening meals (I can't give up all my favourite meals) and leave the larger portions to non fattening foods.

My clothes are less tight now which is good.



  1. You're doing fantastic. I still need to work on numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7. :) x

  2. It all sounds like a plan. The key thing is to work out a system that you can stick with, and you seem to be doing that. Good work!

  3. There's a lot of "don'ts" in that list - might want to balance it out with some "do's" :-) the psychology is important. I admire your tenacity.

  4. Well done you, I have lost about 7 pound in the last 6 weeks and a few more whilst on holiday pigging out, It feels good doesn't it xx

  5. Slow and consistent weight loss is probably much better and much easier to sustain. Going in the right direction. Well done.

  6. Congratulations it's hard to shift those pounds

  7. You are doing marvelously. I wish I had your will power. Keep up the good work.

    God bless.


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