Thursday 30 June 2016

For Angelika - Isosceles Granny Triangle

Angelika enquired about how I made a right angled granny i.e. half a granny square, as she landed on this post. Unfortunately I'd not posted the instructions on how I achieved this and could I remember? No, of course not as I'd made it up as I went along. I emailed back and said I'd experiment again so here is my up to date version of an isosceles granny triangle.

The crucial part is getting the first round correct. I don't think this second attempt is exactly the same as the first but it does the job.

First chain 3 - this is the base.

Put your finger on the last chain and chain a further 2 which stand in for the first treble of the cluster.

Chain 2 trebles into the chain marked with your finger.

Chain 2 and then work another cluster of 3 trebles into the same chain. (This is the first corner.)

Chain 1 and work a cluster of trebles into the next chain which is the second chain of the first 3.

Chain 1 and work 2 clusters of trebles separated by 2 chain into the first chain. (This is the second corner.)

Chain 1 and work 2 clusters of trebles separated by 2 chain into the middle chain of the first 3. (This is the third corner.)

Join with a sl. st. to the first cluster.

There should be 3 clusters or shells across the hypotenuse and 2 clusters down each side. The 3 corners have 2 chain separating the clusters and the sides - 1 chain.

 Now it's just like any other granny square except there are only 3 sides. In each corner work 2 clusters separated by 2 chain and on each side work one cluster separated by 1 chain. I suggest that if you want your corners sharper then a 3 chain gap may achieve that. (I've not experimented though.) Here's the second round.

And here's the third.

To make the first 3 chain stronger they could be chained with double yarn.

I've not tried a 3, 4, 5 triangle but I'm sure the same principles will apply. I'll try one later and slot it in below.

Hope this helps, Angelika.


PS Apologies for the pictures not being clear and the rushed annotation - so excited to do the triangle. (That's my excuse!)

Edited an hour later.

This isosceles triangle pattern will only work for 3 rounds as the more rounds you add on, the longer the hypotenuse should get. I've worked 5 rounds here.

As you can see I've altered the red round and done doubles instead of trebles. I also chained 2 in between at the sides on this row. For the white row I just crocheted doubles - as many as would fit in and I chained 3 at the corners. If this needs to be larger I would continue in this way. For a large triangular blanket an equilateral triangle is probably the way to go (it starts like an ordinary granny but with 3 clusters instead of 4) but it will have 60 degree angles as opposed to a right angle and 2 x 45 degrees. I'll keep going until I have a few more rounds.

Thanks, Angelika for the challenge. O level maths has not deserted me!


Edited more than an hour later.

I've finished 10 rounds and my conclusions is that just dcs are needed on the hypotenuse in order to keep it straight.

You can see that I tried to go back to clusters on the last round but it put the line out slightly. Maybe I should have left 3 chain instead of 2 in between the clusters or, to be on the safe side, just left it as all dcs.

Angelika - you need to get yourself a blog so that I can see your finished creation in action!



  1. learning to crochet is going to be on my 2017 to do list I think.

  2. Me too Gill, but Mum, your instructions are GREAT! Best ones I've read/seen yet X


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