Thursday 16 June 2016

What's for lunch today?

Let's go out in the garden and have a look.

The mangies tootsies are still prolific and need to be picked every day.

The lettuce is sitting there by the thousand (slight exageration)! Aha! Lettuce and pea soup. I gently fried an onion and a potato cut it into very small pieces, fried it in a little butter then added in stock made from a stock cube. I simmered for about 5 minutes and then added the mangies for another 5 minutes and then the rescued lettuce (well washed) for another 3 minutes until it had wilted.

A quick whizz with the whizzer and voila - soup from the garden. Food miles - 30 steps. I added a little milk to make it cream of mangie and lettuce soup. When I serve it I shall sprinkle some chopped chives on the top.

We'll follow our meal with some fresh fruit salad - just fruit cut up and nothing else.

I have some homemade bread from yesterday to go with the soup and ...

quite a lot of the outer leaves ended up in the compost.

Diet - win (apart from the butter and stock cube)
Environment - win
Satisfaction - win

I'm a winner today!



  1. Good healthy food, so nice to pick something by just stepping out into the garden, I have cut down on portion size and only have treats at the weekend I have 3 pound to loose and then I would have lost a stone in less than 2 months, I have lost 3 pound this week, I am still a size 12 but my clothes were getting tight and I didn't want to go up a size. x

  2. All looking good, soup with ingredients from the garden is lovely x

  3. I would love to eat like this all the time. Well done winner xx

  4. Looks mighty tasty, love eating home-grown produce.

  5. I love lettuce in a soup and yours sounds divine! Winner indeed X

  6. I've been picking the lettuce leaves, a little from each plant, to have with my lunch each day. That is 5 steps to the lettuce from the door... : )

  7. Delicious home made and home grown. What could be better? X


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