Wednesday, 23 September 2015


The sun is lower down in the sky now but there are still shadows to be seen when there are not too many clouds.

No heating on yet but it's getting cooler. The back garden has been tidied some more with the sweet peas pulled out. There are not many more runner beans to be seen so they'll will be on their way soon. I'll just save a few seed. The courgettes have slowed down thank goodness and the fennel (had the seed, so had to plant) is looking beautiful.

I'm still in my flip flops and short sleeves in the house but I've a heavier duvet on the bed.

Happy Autumn!



  1. One of the good things about getting older is having the time to appreciate simple things like shadows. How pretty they are.
    It's always sad to start pulling the old plants out but equally good to see it all nice and tidy again.
    We are holding off with the heating at the moment, just adding a cardi or blanket.

  2. should be warming u here but we afre having a cold spell. Hope my firewood lasts out.

  3. My sweet peas failed again I had about a dozen flowers, which is my best show so far, I'll try again next year.

  4. The afternoon light has been extraordinary here too (Norfolk) with a lovely clarity on the trees, the newly ploughed fields have a crispness about them. Sweet peas cleared and just starting on the petunias. Potting up geraniums to over winter - try to save some for next year and save some money!


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