Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Just thought

… I'd do a mini series of posts on the topic of 

My Favourite at the Moment.

They will go in this order. Do join in if you wish.

1. teddy
2. mug and/or cup
3. drinking glass
4. pen, pencil or writing or drawing implement
5. plate for meals
6. shoes
7. hobby

The inspiration has come from Mac and Janet's posts about her teddies, which reminded me of my first ted which came to bed with me for many years. I then began thinking of other favourites of mine and why they are my favourite. I know my favourites change every so often as in the case of the mug I choose for drinks and the hobby I'm into at the moment and I wondered if others have the same feelings about a certain plate they want to eat off all the time or certain shoes that they want to wear all the time.

So I shall start a Friday Favourite (at the moment) post on …

Friday, of course!

I wonder if you have a favourite day. Mine's Saturday …

at the moment!


PS - any other ideas for favourites?
PPS - A very warm welcome to my new followers.


  1. Favorite song, piece of clothing. I've always been partial to Saturday.

  2. Pair of shoes, handbag, lipstick, self-indulgent treat - all a bit girly but subject to change from time to time.

  3. My favourite day is also Saturday!
    You could include favourite place on earth, walks or film x


Thank you for your comments. it's always exciting reading them.