Sunday, 13 September 2015


One five minute whizz round and 12 corners clicked.

Juke box remote!!!!

Music mag rack

Today we will be eating beans!

Crockery cupboard


Broad beans drying

Harvest today

DH's unusual plant collection

Tidy gardening drawer

Tidy top drawer with cat toys and batteries

Gardening rest time
Puss rest time


  1. So many interesting corners in your house. My corners usually have cobwebs and dust!!

  2. That's one contented puss.

  3. I like your floor and I like the music mag rack and......... yes I coincide with Sue in Suffolk ....lost of interesting corners. Treat me to a cuppa tea and a bit of background music and I'd happily stroll and scan your house's corners. I wouldn't be in your way...promise!!! :-)

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  4. lovely photo's everything looks so together and sorted :-) I am loving your 50's magazine rack you know me and vintage :-) Do I spy courgettes there I know what you meant about them on my post but do you know what I do love them :-) Your cat looks so contented sat there. Enjoy your week mum, dee xx


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