Sunday, 20 September 2015

Just finished ...

… preparing tom and courgette soup by cutting up tomatoes, a medium courgette, an onion and a small piece of garlic, mixing with a smattering of oil and putting in the small oven to roast. I've prepared a veggie stock cube with half a pint of water and the remnants of a tin of tomatoes are at the ready. Once roasted I shall whizz the lot for our lunch time soup. I can smell the garlic cooking already. (It stays on the fingers doesn't it!) The cat is sleeping on me while I'm on the computer. A quick crochet before I go down and the soup will be eaten with a wadge (the computer doesn't like this spelling) of homemade bread.

Here's a pic of our cheese on toast from yesterday. We'll eat through these tomatoes yet.

Our 'given' apples went into an apple cake - one to eat and one to freeze.


Just finished the soup served with grated parmesan.

I think we'll have it again tomorrow. Hmmm!


PS I can taste the garlic now!


  1. It all looks yummy. Is there a recipe for the apple cake?
    Julie xxxxxxx


Thank you for your comments. it's always exciting reading them.