Thursday 17 September 2015

Be prepared

Before I put away some summer clothes I've decided to put together 'outfits' so I'm not frantically searching in drawers for a top that matches. (How organised is that!)

Now should I note this down in my Filofax? :)

All my winter clothes in the wardrobe now seem to be either black or brown.


  1. Love that rainbow, looks as though it should be in my wardrobe. I love colour, the more the merrier. I do have a match and despatch black suit, with coloured silk blouses for the first option and grey silk for the second. The rest is every colour under the sun, just in deeper tones for the winter.

  2. I'm still wearing my summer frocks!! It is cold first n last thing but then boiling in the day in the classrooms!

  3. Just love that skirt and all the coordinating blouses.


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