Monday, 24 August 2015

Picture questions

All the pictures on this blog have been taken with a mobile phone. I download (upload?) the pictures to my computer and then, when I want a picture in a post I click on the picture icon and upload the pictures from my iPhotos. I don't edit the pictures to make them a smaller file size, I just upload as they are and have them on the 'medium' size.

This picture from the aeroplane, taking us to our holiday destination, is 3264 x 2448 and is a 2 MG jpeg. I've been reading that it's a good idea to make larger pictures smaller for a blog as this will not eat away the storage space granted us and the pictures will load faster. 

Do my pictures take a while to load at your end?

Isn't it a bit of a faff editing pictures to make them smaller?

Is it worth it? (I only seem to have used up 7% of my storage space according to Google.)

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.


PS Aren't clouds viewed from above beautiful.


  1. Hi, I'm a fairly new blogger, and still learning too. I read somewhere to make my photos the largest size as it looks better, but I worry about using up allowance (and don't know how to check how much I have). I use blogspot for my blog. I also worry that apparently people can take over your blog, or it can just be removed for no apparent reason. This Is worrying, as some photos I don't save anywhere else, so they would be lost forever.
    Sorry, that was no help to you at all, just adding my worries re blogging! Oh, and your photos don't take long at all to load xx

  2. Your pictures upload quickly here. Whether you edit them or not is up to you. You don't need to edit the file size when they are on your computer, you just chose the picture size you want once they are on your blog, which you already do, you choose medium.

    I never edit the size of the file, I don't know what mine are, but I choose to use the large size once they are on the blog. Don't worry about going over your free storage space, it only costs £4 a year if you need more space. The pictures are stored on Picasa, owned by google.

    I never upload my photo's without editing them, it takes me ages before I get the right quality I am happy with. I have no idea how long my blog takes to load at the other end. The reason some blogs are slow is the amount of adverts, widgets, and plugin's they have on them. A simple straight blog with no adverts should be quicker.

  3. I never edit my photo's unless I want to cut someone out of it then I do it on picmonkey. I don't have the time to be honest and they seem to upload from my computer easy enough. Yes I agree clouds from above are gorgeous so white just like soft marshmallows it makes you want to bounce on them :-) dee xx

  4. Thank you Meanqueen for that info!

    Mum - your blog loads very quickly so do t fret!

  5. They load fine on this side of the pond, I dont edit any of mine wouldnt have the time :-)

  6. I used up all my space paid a small one off fee and now have unlimited. I love clouds they look perfectly soft and clean.

  7. No problems with loading your blog here either. I do use Picmonkey at times to crop or lighten photos but I've never given a thought to editing them to make them take up less storage. xxx


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