Friday, 28 August 2015

Courgette recipes for the inundated growers

I am so thankful for the suggestions for recipes using this very versatile vegetable. I thought I'd put the examples in a post and if anyone else has other courgette recipes perhaps they could add them in the comments. Having all the recipes together will help me next year when I'm inundated again with this fast growing friend.

I found curry one of the best ways to deal with the large ones too! Fast eaters who were visiting last week had it in their mouths long before they worked out it was not another lump of chicken. That'll teach them to eat properly at my table! They did beg for courgette mercy after 3 days though.

Have you tried Courgette Lasagne? I spotted it on a blog and made a note of the recipe but not whose blog I'd read. They found it on the BBC website:

I am doing Piccalilli this week end and courgette is going in that :-)


I slice them very thinly and saute slowly in a little butter and canola oil together with finely diced onions. I add a few spoonfuls of ketchup and a dash of soy sauce, sprinkle with Italian Seasoning ( or just dried oregano or basil) until very nicely done! Delicious side dish. The zucchini I use are about cucumber size.

Found this recipe for your surplus marrows… : Zucchini noodle shrimp scampi with avocado sauce

Here are some of my uses that I've recorded elsewhere in the blog.

Courgette Surprise

Slice the courgettes and drizzle with olive oil. Season with black pepper and a little salt. Bake in the oven for about 15 to 20 minutes then pop on some tomatoes. Tinned toms can be used if real toms are not available. 

Place some sliced mushrooms a-top and finish off with grated cheese. Mine was a mature cheddar. Put back in the oven for a further 15 minutes.

Grated Courgette sauteed in butter

 Cook as the title suggests.

Added Ingredient to other dishes eg. Shepherd's Pie or Curry

All Sorts Soup

* tomatoes from the garden
* left over broccoli
* stock cube
* onion
* courgette from the garden
* left over beans

Saute the onion and courgette. Add all the other ingredients and then whizz.

It is delicious with a touch of black pepper.


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  1. I will have to give that recipe a try I still have a few courgettes lurking, so far I have done courgette bhaji's, Courgette and garlic soup and courgette loaf, they have been fried roasted hidden in everything and dehydrated in various forms for future use.
    Great post it is a very versatile veg :-)

  2. My husband loves it when I use them for making zucchini cheddar bread, very tasty when added to green rice or added to green chile casserole as well.

  3. The Hairy Bikers used courgettes in lasange when they cooked for their diets, we tried it once, but I am not a fan of them. great post.


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