Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Allotment envy

This was how an allotment should be - tended, tidied, productive and loved. A visit around the local allotment showed this in abundance. Here was a space for cut flowers and foliage,

here the beds were set out neatly and orderly.

There was a quiet space between the separate allotments for rest and contemplation with seating, wild and cultivated flowers and a small pond.

The best allotment on the plot, I thought, was this one where every square inch was covered with produce, sheds, greenhouses and special corners. There were even hens pecking around in one area and experimental growing in tyres and unusual containers.

A pergola led to a seating area where the overhead vine could be viewed with easily tended annuals at waist and eye height. Who said allotments should just be horizontal?

This gardening bum had serious allotment envy.



  1. I am quite green myself, even though I know that it would be too much

  2. Green with envy here, I love to se a full garden

  3. It all looks just lovely... I am suffering from allotment envy!

  4. oohhh I love to see other peoples allotment spaces. Me and friend spend time skip diving yesterday and I found a tire for myself to make a pond out of for my allotment we also spent time at her space and me at mine I love walking around different allotment spaces and seeing what people have done :-) sadly we are not aloud chickens at my space but my friend is aloud them at hers I wish I could. thanks for sharing I enjoyed seeing this today :-) dee xx


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