Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Only 10 large ones left ...

… to wade through.

The courgette today was in a curry and I made enough to last another 2 meals.

Perhaps I'll have runner beans with it tomorrow!



  1. I found curry one of the best ways to deal with the large ones too! Fast eaters who were visiting last week had it in their mouths long before they worked out it was not another lump of chicken. That'll teach them to eat properly at my table! They did beg for courgette mercy after 3 days though.

  2. I always look forward to the courgettes coming then we get swampped and i long for them to slow down :-)

  3. Have you tried Courgette Lasagne? I spotted it on a blog and made a note of the recipe but not whose blog I'd read. They found it on the BBC website:

    This is on our menu for the coming week : )

  4. I love the courgette lasagne that Jo mentions. Also what about courgette and ginger jam. Lovely xxx


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