Tuesday, 31 March 2015

I shouldn't ...

I shouldn't keep the largest piece of toast for myself when I'm making breakfast.
I shouldn't keep clothes that I'm never ever going to fit into again.
I shouldn't eat more than 2 wine gums at any one time.
I shouldn't leave just 2 pieces of toilet paper on the roll in the hopes that someone else will put a new one on.
I shouldn't taste the soup and then put the spoon back in the pan.
I shouldn't put white clothes in the washer with anything other than other white clothes.
I shouldn't water down the dishwashing liquid too much so that others will suspect something's amiss.
I shouldn't pick my nose when on my own in the car because others may be watching.
I shouldn't dye my own hair because I miss bits.
I shouldn't not dust.
I shouldn't cut my toenails on the carpet and not pick all the bits up.
I shouldn't add any more - I've admitted enough already!

… should I?



  1. How very honest you are :)

  2. Sounds as though you just do the same things as everyone else to me! xx

  3. We all, after all, are only human.

    7 mini candy coated, chocolate and jelly centred eggs at one time are my limit...

  4. I think we all do things we shouldn't

  5. I am quite sure we all have a "shouldn't" list........

  6. You do live dangerous, but life is full of shouldn't and loads of silly rules, life should be fun.

  7. He he, brilliant. Life on the edge, love it xx

  8. Ha Ha, this made me laugh. Oh goodness, as the others have commented, you are perfectly normal. An inspired post that probably got a lot of your readers thinking about their own "i shouldnts"

    I shouldnt sit here in the office on my own (everyone else has headed off early) eating chocolates given to me for Easter by myself!!! They are mine, but i really should take them home to share. Should I?


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