Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Another birthday

I made a birthday card made for my friend's birthday out of a recycled card, a frame from Marlene at Poppypatchwork and a few stickers.


PS Welcome to my new commenter.
PPS to Janipi at Frugal in the Cotswolds. I'm sorry but I can't comment on your blog because I'm not on that Google + thingy but I read all your posts.


  1. The gold frame really makes a difference doesn't it. to begin with I thought you'd trimmed a paper doily then popped over to the other blog and realised my mistake.
    Commenting on some blogger blogs can be hard going especially when they only have google+. I have to give up on some or resort to using my old blogger id

  2. Lovely card, I love the lace die's. If you need more let me know and I can send them to you.

  3. Thanks for reading! I have no idea how to change the google thingy. I am a bloggy Luddite. All the gear, no idea as my son says :)

  4. Pretty card. So nice to receive knowing its handmade.

  5. I love recycling and your card looks lovely.
    Anne xx


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