Sunday, 8 March 2015

From my seat

I've been here before! Here and here and here I am again as the sun is shining and heating up the room. It's warm and cosy in here. In front of me is the re-vamped small wrought iron pub table. The monocular came from the CS and I use it to view the seagulls who nest on the chimney stack of a house behind us. The visor is needed as the sun shines in my eyes.

Looking left is the big orchid and behind that is the 30s ash tray which we use as a plant stand - tho' there's no plant on it at the moment.

Looking up are more orchids, some of which are in flower.

This one has a slight pinkish tinge.

This one stinks when sniffed up close but the fragrance gets better the further you are away from it and it pervades the whole room.

DH has a 'strange plant' collection. This one is a shrimp plant. It's looking a bit worse for wear at the moment and has not yet recovered from it's journey through the post to us.

This flower is from ...

… this strange looking plant. Click on the picture to see it's name. The onion shaped bulbs have little bulblets that fall off into the compost. Very odd.

There are more strange plants on the windowsill and table.

Here's a Congo Cockatoo.

Strange shadows play on the walls when the sun is shining. This is a really restful room.



  1. What a lovely relaxing place to sit, with all your beautiful plants and flowers, warm and cosy x

  2. What a lovely, sunny place to sit and relax.
    Stupid Question: Is the Congo Cockatoo from Africa?

    Sft x

  3. I used to have a 1930's cigarette stand but it was made of oak and was in the shape of a naked woman. I had it for years and really liked it but I gave it away a couple of years ago. I wish I hadn't now, as it would have been great with a candle on top. It always got comments from people whenever they came around. It was a bit quirky.

  4. What a great plant collection, I only have a couple of orchids as indoor plants. It looks like you've had a sunny day again today, it was dull and drizzly here most of the day but we managed a little sunshine late afternoon.

  5. It looks a lovely room so relaxing, Gorgeous flowers too xxx

  6. that looks like a nice place to sit and enjoy the sun. Love all your plants.


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