Saturday, 24 January 2015

Sleep through the night?

My answer to this first question is -

NO :{

What do you do when you can't sleep?

My answer to this second question is - 

do a few 'wave about with the legs' exercises

listen to my iPod (headphones in)

read a book

gaze at the ceiling (walls, windows, wardrobes ……)

toss and turn until there are no other variations of lying in bed

listen to the radio (Classic FM or Radio 4)

listen to the CD player (relaxing classical music)

make lists in my head and think of ways of remembering them

I think I must only have 5 hours of deep sleep and the rest is just lightly dozing and doing some or all of the above - oh - and loo trotting of course.

I'd love to get one full night's sleep sometime.


  1. Try a whisky mac (1 part scotch, 2 parts ginger ale and a ice cube), works for me every time (not, I hasten to add, every night!)

  2. And me. My wakeful thoughts are about lighthouses. God should have given us an on off switch.

  3. I get night's like that, but with hubby by my side I try and not wake him. If I am really bad I just get up.

  4. The more I wish for a full long unbroken night's sleep, the less likely I am to get one. Sod's Law!

  5. If I find that nothing works to get me to sleep, I get up and have a warm drink (rooibos) and a few games of solitaire on my phone. Usually within an hour of boring myself to death I'm ready to thud my head on the pillow again.

    The beauty of working from home is if I am particularly knackered during the following day, there is no boss to offend if I catch a 20 minute refresher nap ;)

  6. I'm with you all the way on this... some nights I go to bed absolutely shattered and still can't get off to sleep until 2 or 3 in the morning. I think we must be a nation of chronically sleep deprived. Jx

  7. I often wake up with back ache (not sure why) Sometimes I just get up and stay up and other times I get up have a walk around and then go back to bed.


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