Monday, 12 January 2015

Manchester Mess

The pastry base for my Manchester Tart broke up so instead of making a pie then cutting it into pieces I just threw a bit of pastry into a bowl with some chopped banana, a sprinkling of coconut and a dollop of jam and covered the whole lot with custard. It tasted just like Manchester Tart, which of course it was except in a different guise.

Let's just call it Manchester Mess.

Thank you Anglesey Allsorts for the schoolday dinner memories.


PS Greetings, O New Follower (formal greeting).
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  1. I blogged about school dinners in 2012,,
    my HG adores Manchester Tart - but I think I'd like your Manchester Mess better!!

  2. Looks ok to me - bet it went down a treat! xxx

  3. What is it about school dinners ..they were pretty basic .. but we just loved them .. I suppose we were just hungry children .. with no fancy ideas .. no fancy ads on the TV giving us fancy ideas .. food at home was basic too .. maybe there is just too much of everything nowadays .. too much choice.
    Glad you enjoyed your puddin!

    Vicky x


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